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Downtime is expensive. Not being able to control your pump when you have lost sight can cost you thousands. Trident is a radio remote control system that keeps your line pumps working regardless of how many buildings are in the way. Trident radio remotes have proven their reliability and superior on site performance. They get the job done- no matter what.


Trident Line Pump Remote System

With an IP67 waterproof rugged enclosure, Trident will pass any water egress test. Trident has no removable parts and remains waterproof throughout its use. Want to test it out? Go ahead, wash it off!

 Trident’s advanced radio frequency technology provides increased ranges and more powerful signal penetration that can operate through physical barriers. Enjoy the convenience of up to 3,500 ft range.

Trident’s many features and functions can be programmed right on your premises using the LCD displays and buttons on your hand-held unit. It’s as easy as programming your smart phone. Up to 90% of the industrial radio remote control system programming can be done on your hand-held unit by following the system prompts—saving you time and increasing the flexibility and efficiency of your system.

Trident is protected by our proprietary anti-jamming algorithm.

These unique and useful displays provide an intelligent method of communication with your system and can be user configured, such as labelling system buttons or for systems alerts.

Controls and monitors the equipment simultaneously—the PNUT radio platform enables sending and receiving of data. This unique and useful feature means your hand-held can be customized to satisfy your precise needs.

Pair up to four hand-held units. If you misplace one or have multiple operators on the job, it’s easy to manage by having more than one unit on the ready at any time. And new units can be paired within seconds.

Sealed, fixed and waterproof battery offers low battery hand-held display warning. Hand-held units can operate up to one month without recharging.

Your Trident system can be recharged wirelessly using a dash mounted cradle that is directly connected to vehicle power.

Tracks user hand movements to control proportional functions, such as speed up or slow down. Trident’s patented ergonomically designed motion control provides improved accuracy never experienced before in the industry. This feature can be configured specifically to your application or optionally disabled.

The unit’s housing is a blend of polybutylene and polycarbonate. Strong chemical resistance, excellent impact resistance even at low temperatures and heat resistance makes this unit virtually indestructible. We ran one over with a loaded mixer truck and it finally broke on the third time!! Not to mention when you forget to take your remote off of your fender and it goes for a ride down the highway. There is a high chance that your remote may still be functional!


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. We understand our hand-held radio remote control units will be used in harsh, rugged, and wet environments. That’s why we designed the Trident System to withstand all weather environments; our Trident ergonomic hand-held units have a waterproof rating that exceeds the standard IP67 rating and have passed the test of being completely waterproof.

As a user, you can easily configure many features and functions of the Trident hand-held unit yourself. Programming the Trident industrial radio remote controls is simple and straight-forward to do; it’s as easy as managing your smartphone!

Up to 90% of your system changes can be made directly from the hand-held unit itself, from anywhere on site, using the unit’s buttons; the LCD panel prompts will guide you through the process. Some advanced control changes will require you to plug the hand-held unit to your computer using a USB cable, download software from Aarcomm, and simply follow the menu driven instructions. A full user guide is available online, and our customer service team is always standing by and ready to help you if needed. Our clients are always surprised by how easy it is to configure the Trident themselves.

Yes. You can order spare Trident hand-held units in the event one gets misplaced or damaged to avoid downtime. And you can pair the replacement hand-held units to your receiver in seconds.

For small orders (one to 20 units) we can usually ship out next business day. For larger orders, we can ship in two to five business days. We will discuss your requirements and confirm shipping dates with you, when you place your order. Our goal is to provide top-notch customer service at all times and minimize delays.

Yes. Each receiver can handle up to four Trident hand-held units configured and ready to go at any time. Additionally, depending on the application, more than one Trident hand-held unit can be in operation at one time. This significantly reduces downtime and improves efficiency.

We understand that sometimes in the field, hand-held transmitter units get misplaced or damaged. When this happens costs can escalate if your operations get held up. It’s very easy to pair a spare hand-held transmitter unit to your receiver, so that you can be up and operational in seconds. There’s no need to rewire or open up the unit or press a complex sequence of buttons; simply use the buttons on the hand-held unit to get into pairing mode and the hand-held will automatically synchronize with the receiver.

Currently trident remotes work on 1998-2014 models of Schwing SP line pumps with latching systems and tier 3.

We are working on more remote systems for the newer Schwing line pumps as well as systems for other brand line pumps.

Stay tuned, we are very busy developing new remotes.

Trident delivers on what really matters.

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