About Us

-A family of concrete line pumpers
redwood concrete pump
Eric Worden working on a Schwing circa 1985
Redwood Empire Concrete Pumping Equipment

In nineteen eighty something a couple of highly motivated people started their very own concrete pumping company. We have since then diversified just a bit. Before we were mechanics,  hose repairmen or salesmen we were concrete pumpers. 

Redwood Empire Concrete Pumping Equipment is a family affair dedicated to making the life of every concrete line pumper better. That’s why we hunted down the best remote makers in the world and had them build the baddest- ass remote the concrete pumping world has ever seen. You’re welcome.


We treat our customers with the respect they deserve



Our language is honesty, and we speak it fluently


There is nothing we can't figure out

indomnitable spirit

We never give up, and we won't give up on you

We are concrete pumpers

We know what you all face every day. The grind, the good days and the days concrete is two hours late. We get it. Then on top of that your remote won’t work because your pump is behind a house. It’s a little thing, but we made sure that you will never lose signal again. This one is for you guys!

We love what we do

People say that we are crazy for being concrete pumpers. But as far as we are concerned they are missing out. We are here for you. We want you to succeed and have the best equipment out there to get your job done right.